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Stronsa Road, Chiswick, w12

The aim of this project is to provide a more functional space for a young family, making use of dead spaces within the original plan of the Victorian terraced house, and enhancing the home's original features and charm. The entirety of the house will be renovated along with a new loft master suite and  remodelling of the ground floor plan - extending out to the rear of the property and the side return.

The new ground floor plan makes use of the existing layout, keeping the separate living nook at the front of the property with a new double door entry way.  The new side return extension provides a new route into the kitchen and dining space to the rear of the property. Locating the WC and Pantry at the centre of the plan allows for a larger bright kitchen / dining space, making use of the darkest spaces of the home for services. Entering the kitchen through the new side return extension allows for a grander entrance to the rear of the house, with new roof lights spanning the entirety of the side return providing efficient natural light throughout the day.

Pushing the dining area towards the back of the property has allowed for a large kitchen and entertaining space. The internal layout of the scheme has influenced the treatment of the rear elevation. With a new large window bench seat, providing seating both inside and out, making use of the threshold between the dining space and the garden. The rear elevation will be clad in blue glazed brick slips with a bold copper frame surrounding the window and bench seat. Over time, the copper will age and change colour, developing from light pink/brown through to a light green after years of being exposed to the elements. 

At first floor, the back bedroom will be transformed into a study space overlooking the rear garden. A new staircase will provide access to the new large master bedroom and ensuite within the loft. The design of this project has been developed through line drawing, digital and handmade 3D modelling, to better understand the influence of light within the space and aid in developing our material and structural decision making. 

stronsa model 3.jpg
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