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Brief creation

Every successful project starts with a clear vision. We work closely with our clients to understand goals, understand limitations and to explore ambitions that ultimately form the project brief.


Understanding site constraints and site nuances at the outset of each project is critical to establishing a solid basis for feasibility and concept proposals. By identifying challenges early on in the process, we can proactively address them and establish effective and characterful site specific design.

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Concept Design

At concept phase we typically start with a number of design options that respond to and challenge the brief, which are then whittled down and refined.


Whether it is a discussion with a private client, engagement with the local community, or discussions with the local authority, clear and characterful information is critical to getting across ideas. We do this by a number of means and each project is unique in this regard. Our process is ever evolving.

We are open minded and believe that good design is informed by all those who have a material interest in the project, whether it be feedback received at community engagement events or private client and stakeholder consultation.  

Turning concepts into technical drawings - Collaboration and Coordination


We are interested in creating architecture that is well conceived, beautifully detailed, well put together, tactile and robust. ​


We collaborate with trusted consultants, working closely with them to provide technical design proposals for tender, building control and construction phases of the project.

Low carbon construction and low carbon living


We are constantly evolving the way we think about building fabric, energy consumption, embodied carbon and what it means to be ethical Architects. Experience has shown us that one size doesn’t fit all and that informed choices aren't always supported by local policy, or perhaps budgetary contraints. We always seek to provide well informed guidance in order to make appropriate choices. 


Cost advice


Based on our experience on similar projects, dicussions with contractors and observation of market conditions, we provide basic cost advice at key stages of the design process. When more cost certainty is required, we work with professional cost consultants and develop the design in tandem with a cost plan.

Procurement process and Tendering


We will work with you to establish an appropriate procurement process for your project. We will compile a list of appropriate builders / contractors, undertake tender assessments and make recommendations for discussion before compiling the necessary contract documents for commencement.

On site role and Contract administration

When working on the traditional procurement projects, we provide the full suite of Architect's contract administration services, ensuring that each and every project is completed to the expectations and specifications and the production drawings. Traditional procurement is usually the best choice for projects in which control on quality is the priority.

For projects requiring other forms of procurement or a greater degree of flexibility, we can tailor our services to support contractor and client during the construction phases of a project.

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