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Hillgate Place, Notting Hill, w8

Currently we are working on a townhouse renovation in Hillgate Village Kensington Conservation Area. We will be expanding at the side return and remodelling internally. The scheme makes use of the south facing rear garden, with a grand crittal facade and a large skylight at ground floor. 

We are proposing an internal reconfiguration that re-orders the hierarchy of the living quarters within the home. Making efficient use of light inside and out, to vastly improve the quality of the space. The living quarters are raised from the existing lower ground floor to the upper, creating a more welcoming entertainment space making use of the new footprint provided by the side return extension. 

The choice of materials proposed for the new extension follow the narrative of the surrounding area, imitating the traditional form and being sympathetic to the existing property. The design clearly defines the new elements from the original home, setting the new extension back by two bricks(450mm) from the outrigger, ensuring the new element remains subservient to the original building.

Historical image.jpeg
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