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The Davidson Prize

Competition Entry

Somewhere to call Home: Arnos Grove Viaduct


Our submission proposed a carefully considered intergenerational living arrangement for specific demographic groups facing homelessness. We imagined a semi self-sufficient community, using six of London’s 850 under-utilised viaduct arches. The concept for this submission was to show how this scheme can be malleable to other similar underused sites across the city and to emphasise the potential that these spaces have.


By dividing the space under and along the viaduct to private, shared and common spaces, we’ve formed a buffer zone between what is public and what is private. A mix of vulnerable families, teenagers leaving the care system and elderly individuals could find a home here, relying on each other for time and skill sharing. A community task force would be formed, taking over part of the maintenance as well as organising revenue creating activities, such as gardening and pottery. The boundary with the public park will become the interface with the wider community and the place where goods produced and services offered can find an outlet.

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